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Country Singer Salutes Military Members with His New Music Video

At only 24, Kane Brown is bringing more positive vibes to the culture than most other modern celebrities ever do

“This video is dedicated to the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces.”

Those aren’t words you expect to see in a modern music video, but they are the exact words that open a new emotional video from country singer Kane Brown (shown above left).

In the music video for his new song, “Homesick,” Brown honors America’s military by showing families’ being reunited with their loved ones as they return home from overseas — most of the soldiers are reportedly from the California National Guard.

The video also thanks armed service members from around the country for sending in their reunion videos. Brown is seen meeting with military members as well.

“I’m homesick,” Brown sings in the song, “this feeling that I’m feeling. No, I don’t quit. It’s like half of me is missing.”

He later sings, “If home is where the heart is, then I’m homesick for you.”

Brown’s music video also shows the story of a Notre Dame basketball player named Matt Ferrell, who who was surprised at a game when his military brother was reunited with him after serving overseas in Afghanistan.

A past song of Brown’s, “Cold Spot” from a self-titled album, honored the country singer’s great-grandfather, who had served in the Army, and gives a glimpse at why Brown has such a soft spot for those who choose to serve.

Brown’s great-grandfather once owned a store and fought off an attempted robbery. The event seemed to have made an impression on Brown.

“I remember one day my granddad was like, ‘The store almost got robbed today,’” Brown told Taste of Country about the song. “My papa, he was in the Army, so he’s a bada**.” The robber had a knife, and Papa had a gun under the counter he couldn’t get to. Instead, there was a fresh pot of coffee that he had and he was like, ‘You ain’t robbing my store’ and threw the hot coffee on him.”

With so many celebrities publicly insulting large groups of Americans and aggressively pushing their political agendas, it’s refreshing to see an artist use his success to highlight something good in the world.

And with widespread outrage now a daily chore for some and the culture so fractured and split as it is, it can be easy to forget that there are men and women wearing military uniforms who are still separated from their families.

Americans who do not wear those military uniforms have one small responsibility: Do not forget. Through the temporary and mostly meaningless debates that rage each day over politics and the direction this country takes, it’s important to make sure one remembers and takes notice of the fact that major sacrifices are made every single day by people who choose to serve.

Brown, 24, is taking notice through his music, and he deserves a tip of the hat for choosing to bring a dose of something good to the world.

“Homesick” is a song from Brown’s upcoming album “Experiment,” which will drop in November.

Check out the music video for “Homesick” below: