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Tim Tebow on Fox News: ‘Life’s Not About the Destination, It’s About the Journey’

The football and baseball star stopped by 'Fox & Friends' to talk faith and the inspiration for 'This Is the Day'

In addition to his successes in both football and baseball, Tim Tebow has been moonlighting as a writer for years now.

This year’s “This Is the Day” is the athlete’s third book, and it was inspired by a plane ride on which Tebow found himself praying for another man’s life for an hour and a half.

Appearing Wednesday morning on the Fox News show “Fox & Friends,” Tebow told the tale of what inspired him to write a book about pursuing dreams.

The former football star — and current surprise baseball standout — was on a flight when a man collapsed. Flight attendants were scrambling to find a doctor. Tebow tried to stay out of the way, as he didn’t have proper medical training, but the situation was too much to ignore.

“I need to do something,” the athlete recalled telling himself.

Tebow suggested to a flight attendant they ask the family if there was anything he could do to help.

After he was ignored, the athlete asked another flight attendant. The family eventually asked for Tebow to join them and pray for them. Tebow said he prayed for an hour and a half until the plane was able to make an emergency landing.

The man who had collapsed unfortunately did not make it — but Tebow was inspired when he discovered the story of the man and his wife.

“He ended his life living out his dream,” Tebow, 31, said, revealing that the man was a Vietnam veteran who had dedicated his life to God after surviving the war.

The man had been on his way to see the Grand Canyon when he collapsed.

“They were honoring God,” Tebow said of the man and his wife.

The experience inspired the athlete to write his new book while he was traveling the country playing minor league baseball — he plays for the New York Mets.

“Life’s not about one day,” he said, explaining that the book’s title refers to the act of being grateful for each and every day a person is blessed with, no matter who that person is or what his or her station in life might be.

“Life is not about the destination. It’s about the journey,” he added.

Tebow said the purpose of his book is to inspire people to pursue their dreams and passions.

“Fear controls so many people,” Tebow said, adding, “Fear cannot make decisions for us.”

He said about seeing the benefits from working so hard and playing for the Mets, “It’s been such a dream.”

Tebow’s own journey from the NFL to professional baseball was one in which the athlete needed to overcome fear. Jumping from one professional sport to another almost never works out — and Tebow revealed it took a lot of work to get to where he is now.

“It hasn’t been easy,” he revealed about moving over to a sport he hadn’t played in 12 years.

The journey, however, has been worth it. He said about seeing the benefits from working so hard and playing for the Mets, “It’s been such a dream.”

Watch Tebow’s full interview on “Fox & Friends” below: