Conservatives Love ‘Gosnell’: ‘God Bless Everyone Involved’

Rush Limbaugh, Joy Villa, others are praising the Dean Cain-starring movie about an abortion doctor and murderer

“Gosnell” may not be in as many theaters as mainstream Hollywood releases “Venom” and “First Man” are — but moviegoers are flocking to it anyway.

The true-crime film, which tells the story of the apprehension and trial of Philadelphia abortion doctor and serial killer Kermit Gosnell, could very well open in the top 10 at the domestic box office by the end of the weekend. Dean Cain (pictured above) is among those who star in it.

That’s quite an accomplishment, considering it was made and released completely outside of the Hollywood system.

Moviegoers, especially conservative and right-leaning ones, are currently giving the film incredible praise and positive reviews through social media.

“Wow. I’m shaking. Never had a movie impact me like this. God bless everyone involved. This film is a Trojan horse that is going to wake so many people up from their slumber,” said one Twitter user.

“Saw the movie ‘Gosnell.’ Everyone needs to see this movie,” wrote another.

“Just saw ‘Gosnell.’ Thank you @yesnicksearcy, @andrewklavan, @RealDeanCain, and everyone else involved for the most horrifying, heartbreaking, important movie-going experience of my life,” said yet another.

Many conservative commentators have also praised the film and are encouraging others to support it.

“Bring a friend. Change a mind. Support indie free thinkers, brave cast & crew,” wrote CRTV host Michelle Malkin.

“Big Daddy” actress and outspoken conservative Kristy Swanson also took to Twitter to post her own review of the film.

She called it “incredibly moving” and “so incredibly educational.”

Actress and outspoken conservative Mindy Robinson called it “a very powerful and moving story.”

Popular conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh also encouraged conservatives to see the film, saying on his show, “You should see ‘Gosnell.'”

“Gosnell” director and actor Nick Searcy has appeared on Limbaugh’s show in the past and even guest-hosted a segment last year.

Limbaugh was an outspoken fan of “Justified,” a six-season series in which Searcy was a main cast member.

Mollie Hemingway, a senior editor at The Federalist, declared the movie to be “excellent” in her Twitter review.

“OK. Just finished. @GosnellMovie is EXCELLENT. So well directed. Well cast. Pitch perfect screenplay, particularly considering the difficult material. Go see it now,” she wrote.

Conservative musician Steve “Mudflap” McGrew said about the film, “The ‘Gosnell’ movie is a masterful work of art. It shows how real talent doesn’t need millions in budget or CGI” (computer-generated imagery).

The overwhelmingly positive response to “Gosnell” is incredibly important because this is a story that was first ignored by the mainstream media — and then by Hollywood, for political reasons.

The fact that the producers raised over $2 million through crowdfunding and then created a film that is as professionally made as anything a big Hollywood studio puts out means leftist Hollywood doesn’t need to be changed or influenced by conservatives and right-leaning artists. Non-leftist artists can work outside the system — and create something that is still great and worth seeing.

“Gosnell” proves it.

Check out more reactions to “Gosnell” below:

Watch the trailer for “Gosnell,” which is rated PG-13, below, and find theaters playing the movie.